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How this course helps those with special needs
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The Order of Progression
Appealing to the Senses
About the Course Designer
About the Course Designer

Bev Jaremko is a graduate from the University of Calgary in 1970.

She loved studying languages and majored in French, with some work done in Spanish, Russian and German.  What intrigued her was language itself- how children learn it and how fascinating it is to analyze and manipulate it.


When her own children were born she was intrigued at how they learned to talk, noticing how they automatically sought patterns without being told to do so. When she said dogs, cats and houses, they assumed that there must be words like childs, deers.

When she said 'He jumped, she laughed" they then said 'I falled down" obviously assuming past tenses take 'ed'.

Because the mind of a very small child was very very logical, she set out to design a reading course that supersimplifed the skill, so even 3 year olds could learn it, but that was airtight in its logic, as kids' minds are.


Her basic reading course worked so well with her own four kids that she used it for neighbor children whose parents requested it - and then she developed it on video for friends who lived farther away.

When parents started approaching her with special reading concerns she tried to respond to those also.

She created a one-volume quick summary of reading skills for children ages  10-15 who were in school already but having real trouble reading. It was called "My Reading Refresher" and was review course that quickly went through again the basic skills.


For those who had adult friends who could not read at all, she developed a two-volume course entitled "Our Little Secret".

Through the years she was getting many calls from parents of children with special needs - autistic, cerebral palsy, deaf, Down's syndrome and others.  Their learning style was unique depending on their situation but it seemed to her that these children too could learn if the course were designed to meet them where they are and walk them forward.   So she created this Anchors and Sails Intense course to equip parents with a whole range of options to adapt to learning style and to super-simplify reading.

Bev Jaremko has also designed a printing course for young children and a beginner math course, both of which again walk the child through the skill in very small but progressive steps.

Bev Jaremko has several websites including


Her publisher is Captus Press (for the basic course, not the Intense Course)

and their website is

In the end

How much a child will ultimately learn to read depends of course on the learning challenges of the child AND the method used to teach. Both work together.

It is possible that for many students entire book reading will never be a reached goal - but that does not mean that the child can't be led to read many many single words and understand a lot of the environment.

Even where words are difficult, the child who has been exposed to the letters and basic sounds of them will be able to understand much more of his or her printed world. That ability will make the child more secure, more independent, and safer.  It will also bring the child a sense of accomplishment.

The Anchors and Sails Intense course is a thorough progressive introduction to the letters, one sound per letter, and to several hundred words based on that airtight logic.

Some students will progress beyond it and may well move to the basic course after.
Others may be content to work their way slowly through the Intense material.

The course is for parents to administer with fine-tuning and patience, to the unique needs of those they know so well.

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Feel free to contact Bev Jaremko with your questions: