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How this course helps those with special needs
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The Order of Progression
Appealing to the Senses
About the Course Designer
The Order of Progression

We teach only one letter at a time, by its sound not its name.

In the basic Anchors and Sails course we teach children high-frequency letters, however difficult their shape is - h, m, p, s, w, t, r a.

The Anchors and Sails Intense course however has shifted the order so the first ones learned are the ones EASIEST to IDENTIFY.  We start with o and we move to l, i, s, c.

We print these letters very very large and have the child do a lot of activities with each, physical actions acting them out, saying poems, singing songs or chanting the sound of each, eating food that starts with each.  The child is 'immersed' in each letter before we move on and the letters are ones easy to recognize.


Only later do we move to the finer distinctions - such as the shape of h to not be confused with n, the shape of p to not be confused with q.

We work on the easiest material first and we work on in 'intensely'

The course is in three volumes.
In volume one the child learns
o,l,i.s,s,n,t,a,m,w,v,u,x,r,z and e and along the way very short concrete
words made with those letters.
In volume two the child learns
b, d, f, g, h and many more words made with the addition of these letters.
In volume three the child learns
j,k,p,q and y and many more words and some sentences using the full range of letters.

At the end of the course the child has been taught skills to have a reading vocabulary of several hundred words.


However we do not start by reading words. We start by recognizing letters alone.

Only later do we put a few of them together to sound them out to form words.

At no point do we have the child MEMORIZE words since that strategy is not logical. We have taught the child sounds of each letter and we owe the child a teaching mathod that uses that sounding-out skill to then form words.

We realize that many children with special needs do not learn first visually.

That is why we have a course that teaches the letters using many of the other senses as well.

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