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How this course helps those with special needs
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The Order of Progression
Appealing to the Senses
About the Course Designer


Here is a shopping bag selection of ideas to introduce basic reading skills to those with learning disabilities.


The course is based on the same philosophy as the basic Anchors and Sails reading method for 3-5 year olds. However it is adapted in a major fashion for those with special needs.

Your child is someone you love and you alone are aware of the potential the child has, the skills, the insights and those wonderful moments of real progress. 


Often those with learning delays and challenges were shuffled off historically, and we gave up on them ever learning. We know now however that they can learn. The art of the teaching is to patiently adapt what we teach to the style in which this child learns.


So let us embark together on the voyage.

Cruise Ship Growing

Lift the anchor - let's go!
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